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Hello and welcome to Zada, your source for Middle East topics from reliable sources. Here at Zada everyone is welcome, no matter your religion, nationality, or political affiliation. We sift through the fake news to find true stories you want to hear about from sources you can trust. To join in on the conversation please reach out via Facebook and Twitter.

Host and Executive Producer of Zada Show

  • Passionate about Middle East/MENA/WANA/Politics, Culture and Religion  

  • Zada show for people who want the truth and desire to learn more about the Middle East.

  • On Zada we talk to experts, as well as the voices of ordinary people affected by the culture, religion and political conflict of the region

  • We hope to educate and give voice to those who want to make a difference

Tech trends in the Middle East-Ray Wang
"True images of humanity: war, harm, refugees, generosity, and loss."- Jim Lommasson
"Pakistan is a State of Mind, not a Country" - Tarek Fatah on Sharia Law & the Islamic State. 
Zada Show Episode One:  Interview with Journalist Khaled Dawoud
DisrupTV Featuring Naskah Zada, Host and Producer at Zada Show
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